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About Me

Hello, I’m Joe, a 32 years old entrepreneur from Vienna, the beautiful capital city of austria.

I run Creative Worx – a digital agency, where I work together with other creative heads to offer everything you need when it comes to your online presence.

At Creative Worx we work closely together with you, on all your various projects. From Concept to Design, Development, Hosting to Social Media, SEO and Maintenance Services. There is rarely something which we're not able to cover when it comes to your online presence.

Since over 10 years, I’m involved into many different projects, reaching from client projects to own projects, and from small to large. I really love that each project has different needs and different goals, and being forced to always re-think the main idea of a project to let it finally evolve into something special.

It’s not about how much code you can write. It’s about how less code you could write to solve the same problem.

Work & Portfolio


Building the Urban Lodge Website

In the beginning of 2019, I’ve been approached to create a new website for Kolariks lodging business.
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The SkyLord Gaming Avatarizer

From time to time I have some free time which I spent with playing some video games. And some of the friends I play with are part of a clan and were in the need of a solution to provide customized avatars for their members.
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Designers vs. Developers – a neverending war

From the time being in that industry, there was never a single day on which I did not came across the neverending war between designers and developers. If it was by actually getting in between the lines, or by coming across a picture on twitter.
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Beauty is the summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered.

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