Sensation Ocean

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ClientMMB Staff Solutions & Logistics
SummaryWebsite & Social Media

The guys at Sensation Ocean has just started and wanted a simple site where they can deliver some informations about their company and their services. The plan was to let the site grow as the business grow so they wanted to build up a site within various “phases”.

To properly promote the newly created website and to advertise their services, I’ve created a printable brochure which outlines the most important informations.

In addition to the website they also wanted a place to connect with potential clients, a place where they can spread infos, share photos and more a like – and what a better place than facebook to do so? Therefore I’ve build up a Facebook Fanpage with a custom Page Header which blends with the CI and added some content. The first campaign to collect fans was consisting only of spreading the words on various other fanpages and profiles.