Codex – a free theme for WordPress

Concepts, Businessplans, Documentation. There are plenty of use cases a minimalistic theme would be useful but altough there are many thousands of themes available, I never came across a theme which is not only suited for those cases mentioned before, but does also look good, modern with easy to read text and which works on every screen size just out of the box.

For that I started to work on a theme called “Codex”. It features a mobile-first approach, making it not only light-weight but also fast. It consists of only CSS (no images) and Icon Fonts (which basically is also CSS).

The best thing is that it integrates nicely with a bunch of useful plugins. Among them are Polylang (for Multilinguality), Download Monitor (to offer files for download), Visual Composer (to make your pages more appealing), Ninja Forms (for Contact and other form submissions), Advanced PDF (to automatically convert all your published content as PDF to download), Password Protected (to make your website protected from random visitors) and Public Revisions (which is a custom plugin from me to display content changes on the frontend).

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